AnkPlex has been developed to easily dicide the near-native docking complexes (poses) of ankyrin and their protein generated by ZDOCK program. The scoring features of docking poses are performed on AnkPlex algorithm to generating the LGS score. The near-native docking poses can be found in 10 top-ranking LGS. Therefore, after generating the docking complexes of ankyrin-target, the scoring features have to submit on this page. Then the LGS of each docking poses will be given. The user can go to tutorial page to see more detail how to get the docking poses and also the LGS score. 

        In citing the AnkPlex please refer to "Wisitponchai, T., Shoombuatong, W., Lee, SV., Kitidee, K., Tayapiwatana, C., AnkPlex: algorithmic structure for refinement of near-native ankyrin-protein docking. BMC Bioinformatics. 2017; 18:220."

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